Monday, August 20, 2012


Hey. My pen name is Harold Miner. He used to be my favorite basketball player when I was younger. He had loads of potential but never amounted to anything in the NBA. Many consider him a failure.

A waste of potential.

I wonder if I'm any different.

I love to write. To create. I've gone from being an unmotivated student who doesn't care about anything, to a hardworking academic always looking to get better as a writer and a reader. I crave inspiration. Creativity.

I love sports, but I love poetry too. ( can't like both!) I finished a screenplay two summers ago and my dream is to be working on my Oscar acceptance speech for Best Original Screenplay.

I don't think I'm working hard enough.


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  2. thanks. it's good to know i'm not alone in the universe.

  3. Do you feel like you not working hard enough for the acceptance of a dream? That is controlled by another who's Significants is "higher" than yourself? Or, do you feel like you not working hard enough to become better than your self?

  4. We're all unmotivated students, who don't care about anything. Nelson give us something to sing aobut, you've already inspired me.

  5. you can do both! screen plays are awesome.

  6. Also my farewell is this Sunday at 11 AM. The address is 14977 south round tree lane draper, Utah. If you can't make it I'd understand. If you can't find the church for some reason my number is 385-231-4280


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